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When buying a car, you want to know you're buying from someone you can trust


When you come to our family of dealerships, we can put a centuryís worth of experience at your disposal. We have been at this for 100 years, and we are currently in our third generation of leadership. Our special finance department has over 30 years of experience assisting those who are in positions similar to yours. We treat our employees just like family, but we donít stop there. We welcome all our customers everywhere as part of our family too. We want you to feel right at home when you come through our doors. We will greet you with a friendly handshake and a genuine smile, then we will show you all we have to offer with our brand of customer service.

We want to work with you to get you everything that you need. When it comes to us, we can do nearly anything. We can get you into the vehicle that you have always wanted, and we help you browse our used cars for sale to find the perfect vehicle. If you need a place to take care of your routine maintenance for your vehicle, then our family of dealerships is the right place for you. We can even handle any major repairs or services that you may need. We donít just want you to have the best car buying experience, we want you to have the best owning experience as well.

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We have special finance representatives with over 30 years of experience ready to help you.

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