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Our "New Recovery" program

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The "New Recovery" Program


Gates Fresh Start provides a special program called the "New Recovery" program. This program allows those individuals that have filed bankruptcy, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, to purchase a new or used vehicle. This unique opportunity not only guarantees lower interest rates, but also the chance to have you credit totally restored in as little as 1 year, even though the bankruptcy has not been discharged. Most of our banks require no money down!

Reaffirmations (the keeping of existing home and car loans) do not re-establish your credit. Many vehicles have too much owed on them or may be mechanically bad! Call as soon as you receive this letter, credit scores are dropping due to the bankruptcy and interest rates are decided by these! Loans can be approved before the Meeting of the Creditors.

Please call Bill Henderson today at (888-274-7878) or go on-line to apply by clicking on this link here. You can email me at

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